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“Thinking about the Unthinkable” was a seminal work of the 1960s by Herman Kahn of the RAND Corporation, describing possible scenarios for nuclear war. Sixty years on, we live in a world transformed by the COVID-19  pandemic. An (almost) unthinkable reality has come to pass. Thus, a focus on consciously analyzing ‘’what might be’’ is clearly more valid and necessary than ever.


A sensitivity to the future is vital to both managing risk and stimulating successful innovation and growth. This is Futurealities’ raison d’être.  No one can foresee the future with total assurance, but an approach to understanding the limitations of prevailing assumptions is a way to prepare for the “unexpected,” and even the “unthinkable.” It also helps point the way to a spectrum of new opportunities that may well emerge.


Futurealities: Innovation Partners

We work with organizations to explore, stress-test and clarify their assumptions about the future